I call this taking a break

I normally rant and rave over on my little X****. For some reason I found myself a bit bored over there this last month. And a bit disgusted, as juvenile illogic is supreme right now. Not that everyone is that way, but most of the brighter bulbs, have been gone a while, leaving me bored. When I find myself putting out a better blog than 90% of the place. Well something is terribly wrong. I don’t write worth a damn.

Anyway I will be writing over here to my zero readers, untill I lose that sense of disgust.

But now some the mindless rants, that I kept inside. Let me just scream Bull Shit to the void

Fake blog entries being made featured! Hell they were not even well written, nor about anything any intelligent person would be interested in. It is like being stuck inside of people magazine except, not as mentally stimulating. And yes I was spot on when I wrote about ***** putting up professionally written blogs. Processional only means someone paid you for it. It does not mean they paid you much, or that you are any good.

And if I read another made up drama. Good lord they all believe that a beautifully girl, who is 20 years old, would fall madly in love with made up web page. Oh yeah a lesbian relationship at that. But really it turns out its a 30 something year old man. There are so many holes . . . and the little leftest love socialites promoting the most mindless of drivel. Even the atheists over there have been morons of late. Not a brain cell to share between them. But of course they all have that same, ‘we are so uber smart we know there is no God’ thing going on.

Its not always been that way over there.

I should be happy that no one will read this. If I put it over there and not only will the owners of that place get mad at me. But a 1000 readers will get their feelings hurt.


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