I wonder what word it is

Back at the home front, I was noticing a certain, and far from rare, personality type. “You will hear me”, and I will do what I want to do. I will do nothing I don’t want to do. And damn it I want to be noticed.”

I was reading one of the latest dramas (I think I will start calling that place “Drama World” for now on). Someone wanted to make clicking a rating tab mandatory, before a blog entry was publicly posted. In other other words, a self rating. You enter a rating as to its suitability to be read by children . If you think your site is pornographic. Then you can self rate “EX”. A rating that requires ID in order to read the site. That way no one will turn you in for your underage porn. Or if you think your entry is adult oriented, but not pornographic. Then you can give it that rating, or rate it suitable for childern, its all up to your own judgment. There is no enforcement involved.

This would give parents and others the ability to self regulate what they see.

The uproar from the never happy and always trying to shock crowd was deafening. The woman who suggested this was called a fascist. There must have been a 100 comments bashing her. Ignoring the utter ignorance of someone using the word fascist that way. What motivates a person to be so self centered. That they would think of clicking a rating tab, as an infringement of their “inherent right” to to upset childern and prevent someone from running into porn, if they would rather not?

Of course these self centered, atention seeking idiots, have managed to make that blogging site totally unsuitable for younger minors to use. I told her to give up on that idea, no decent parent would let a minor use “Drama World”.

What word describes this sort of selfishness? It’s not narcissism, I have read their sites. They are universally unhappy, bitter and far from self loving. What word describes someone who wants everyone to be just like they are. Arrogant , unhappy, lonely, and very ugly people. And damn it, they have a right to be noticed when they want to shocked younger readers, their parents, or maybe people trying to deal with issues of lust. Dealing with it by avoiding pornography in its written or pictorial forms.


One thought on “I wonder what word it is

  1. Excellent points Paige, there is indeed a lot of drama flying around over there at the moment. It’s good that you’ve found this secret place to vent. Dan Theologian goes seal clubbing, you go WordPressing, heck we all need to get away once in a while.

    Don’t let that stuff bug you though; just try to keep above it. Stay focused on writing the awesome Xanga blog you do. Your legion of adoring fans are counting on you for inspiration. Even your trolls like that atheist kid for example need you in their lives in some sense. He would be a hollow and dysfunctional creature without having a target to hate.

    Well, that’s all, just a little pep talk from a long time xangfriend.

    P.S. In addition to be being an amazingly wise, intelligent and intuitive woman, I have to say that you look extremely gorgeous today. Not that I can see you from across a continent but based on all previous photographic evidence, it’s almost a certainty.


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