Brallio is a very good man

I met him a few years ago, when I was just a showroom girl. He came in picking up orders and placing them once in a while. He spoke English, sort of. His ascent was so bad, it was hard to understand him. But I’m used to people who speak Spanish. Most people in Washington State are not used to hearing any Spanish at all. I grew up with it, so I speak a bit of Spanish. Likely my Spanish is as bad as Brallio’s English is. But that little bit of Spanish, made me the person who was called, when no one else could understand someone.

That is how I know him. I was his sales rep, before I was actually a sale rep. I liked him, he would tell me about his family, while he was waiting for his orders to be loaded. I enjoyed that a lot, I really despise married men who seriously flirt with me. And a lot of them do. But not Brallio, he was a family man who kept his wife and childern with him. A lot of the Mexican guys leave them in Mexico.

I stopped seeing him when I became an outside sales rep. But I ran into him on my biggest job a few months ago. I was going up the elevator, totally out place among a car full of construction workers.  My shiny black hard hat, and I was dressed far to well. I felt a bit like bird would, in a room full of cats. Make that a room full of very dusty cats. Up to the 38th floor to meet Jenifer. And there was Brallio waiting to go down.

I asked him how he was doing, he told me he had just been laid off. But he seemed really happy about it. He told me they had more work for him, if he wanted it. He only needed to call to a different foreman. But he was not going to. The union books were full and would be that way for at least a year. He was going home to Mexico instead. He had saved a lot of money, and his unemployment checks would be about $550 a week. He could draw on that for about a year. That type of money is wealth in Mexico.

He is a good man, living in Mexico now with his wife and kids. He spent 10 years doing a job they say Americans will not do. He made $60,000.00 a year doing it, with full benefits his pension is vested. And
he will receive a social security check when he reaches the right age.

Only jobs Americans will not do is a lie. They will take the best job they can get. Just like you and I would.

Any comments?


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