I never did use this blog did I?

If I ever do go back to blogging, maybe this will be where I do it.

It was weird that I blogged so much at Xanga and that Xanga was once big.



This Old Blog

I will be reactivating this blog come September. I will see you guys then.


life in the country

A programmer from Microsoft is fed up with his job, his life, so he quits and moves up to the Montana. Two weeks go by and while thinking how happy he is with his new life, there is a knock at the door. He answers the door to find a huge rancher who extends his hand and says “I’m your neighbor Butch. I live about a mile north across the stream. I am having a party tonight and I would like to invite you.”

The guy says, “Hi Butch, my name is Bill, nice to meet you. I would love to come to your party tonight.”

Butch: “Great, but I have to warn you, there is going to be some drinking. And there is going to be some sex. And there may be some fighting.”

Bill: “That’s great Butch. I like my beer.” I’ve been up here two weeks so the sex sounds good. And I get along great with everyone.”

Butch: “Great then. I’ll see you tonight.”

As Butch begins to walk away Bill yells, “Hey Butch, what should I wear?”

Butch replies, “Don’t matter, just gonna be me and you.”

You just got to “love” the goverment

So you “own” some Farmland. If you would like to keep it, you need to know a few things.

Never let it flood. If the land floods around where I live, even if it is just for a month or two out of the year. The county will try and take the land from you. They will call it a wetland  it will no longer really be yours (other than paying taxes on it). Every flat piece of ground is a “natural” wetland in western Washington, if you do not keep it drained.

If you let it go and find you have marsh or pond forming (also called a puddle). Holidays are the best time to to fix that problem by creating “natural” drainage. Government workers are a rather predictable and lazy lot. They do use aerial photography, so it is best to do the work during the rainy season. Things get grown over fast when it rains. And yes it is best not to let an eagle nest on your land. Eagles traditionally are another reason for the government to tell you that some of your land is really not yours at all. If you see a nest being started, destroy it. For a protected animal Bald Eagles are thick around here. There is nothing rare about them. They are beautiful animals, it’s a shame you can’t let them nest on your land. But only a fool would allow it.

There was this old couple not far from here. They stopped using their land as pasture, but still lived in the house. They were going to sell it off in a few years when they retired. A farm next to them unintentionally pushed up a small ridge against their land. The water level went up during the winter. Not too badly, it was not worth doing anything about it. The ducks liked it during the winter and spring, and it was dry before any mosquitoes hatched . The county came by and called their back 10 acres an endangered wetland. They had to put a fence around it and are not even allowed to walk in their own back yard. Yes they had their land stolen from them. And no they were not paid for it. Got to just love those noble folks with their progressive politics. No I don’t love them, I don’t even respect them.They are just thieves being paid by the hour, out of the taxes being paid by the people they are stealing from

So remember to kill a beaver on sight, use weed killer on anything that looks like wetland vegetation. And drain it fast, even if you like ducks. And never ever get a permit, unless you want the land stolen from you. Beware of Seattle people buying the land next to you and making a little hobby farm out of it. They will turn you in every time they think something you doing is bad. And those people think everything is an environmental crime. So make certain you point your French drains toward their land. Yes they tend to be too stupid to understand these things and end up with a fence around part of their land. Yes a part of their property where they are not even allowed to walk. Sometimes there is justice in this world.


Brallio is a very good man

I met him a few years ago, when I was just a showroom girl. He came in picking up orders and placing them once in a while. He spoke English, sort of. His ascent was so bad, it was hard to understand him. But I’m used to people who speak Spanish. Most people in Washington State are not used to hearing any Spanish at all. I grew up with it, so I speak a bit of Spanish. Likely my Spanish is as bad as Brallio’s English is. But that little bit of Spanish, made me the person who was called, when no one else could understand someone.

That is how I know him. I was his sales rep, before I was actually a sale rep. I liked him, he would tell me about his family, while he was waiting for his orders to be loaded. I enjoyed that a lot, I really despise married men who seriously flirt with me. And a lot of them do. But not Brallio, he was a family man who kept his wife and childern with him. A lot of the Mexican guys leave them in Mexico.

I stopped seeing him when I became an outside sales rep. But I ran into him on my biggest job a few months ago. I was going up the elevator, totally out place among a car full of construction workers.  My shiny black hard hat, and I was dressed far to well. I felt a bit like bird would, in a room full of cats. Make that a room full of very dusty cats. Up to the 38th floor to meet Jenifer. And there was Brallio waiting to go down.

I asked him how he was doing, he told me he had just been laid off. But he seemed really happy about it. He told me they had more work for him, if he wanted it. He only needed to call to a different foreman. But he was not going to. The union books were full and would be that way for at least a year. He was going home to Mexico instead. He had saved a lot of money, and his unemployment checks would be about $550 a week. He could draw on that for about a year. That type of money is wealth in Mexico.

He is a good man, living in Mexico now with his wife and kids. He spent 10 years doing a job they say Americans will not do. He made $60,000.00 a year doing it, with full benefits his pension is vested. And
he will receive a social security check when he reaches the right age.

Only jobs Americans will not do is a lie. They will take the best job they can get. Just like you and I would.

Any comments?


We have no one to blame

I was doing something odd. I have done it before, it’s something that I know almost no one ever does.  Yep I read the United States Constitution. An amazedly short read. Very clearly written. I would say about an 8th grade reading level, is all you need to read it well. It can easily be understood by the average person, with little effort at all.

You might want to try reading it one day. If you ever do read it. You will realize we are not using it much. We have not been using it for a very long time.

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

That is the preamble, pretty words, and a nice piece of history, but only a bit more relevant than the Laws of the old Roman republic. No one has any issues with the preamble, but most of what follows beyond it tends to be distorted and ignored. The government pretty much does whatever it wants to. So long as it keeps the average citizen ignorant. And that is not hard to do, most of us want to be ignorant. Give us our material pleasures, and we could not care less about how it happens.

Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

I know few care, and this is going to be a very under read entry of mine, but that amendment says that if you can’t find it in the Constitution. The federal government does not have the legal right to do it.

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”

Just try to ask yourself the next time you are thinking about the next goverment program you want. If they can so effortlessly ignore most of the constitution. What is keeping them from ignoring it all?

My question is, are we really a free people? Or are we just fat dumb and happy serfs?


I wonder what word it is

Back at the home front, I was noticing a certain, and far from rare, personality type. “You will hear me”, and I will do what I want to do. I will do nothing I don’t want to do. And damn it I want to be noticed.”

I was reading one of the latest dramas (I think I will start calling that place “Drama World” for now on). Someone wanted to make clicking a rating tab mandatory, before a blog entry was publicly posted. In other other words, a self rating. You enter a rating as to its suitability to be read by children . If you think your site is pornographic. Then you can self rate “EX”. A rating that requires ID in order to read the site. That way no one will turn you in for your underage porn. Or if you think your entry is adult oriented, but not pornographic. Then you can give it that rating, or rate it suitable for childern, its all up to your own judgment. There is no enforcement involved.

This would give parents and others the ability to self regulate what they see.

The uproar from the never happy and always trying to shock crowd was deafening. The woman who suggested this was called a fascist. There must have been a 100 comments bashing her. Ignoring the utter ignorance of someone using the word fascist that way. What motivates a person to be so self centered. That they would think of clicking a rating tab, as an infringement of their “inherent right” to to upset childern and prevent someone from running into porn, if they would rather not?

Of course these self centered, atention seeking idiots, have managed to make that blogging site totally unsuitable for younger minors to use. I told her to give up on that idea, no decent parent would let a minor use “Drama World”.

What word describes this sort of selfishness? It’s not narcissism, I have read their sites. They are universally unhappy, bitter and far from self loving. What word describes someone who wants everyone to be just like they are. Arrogant , unhappy, lonely, and very ugly people. And damn it, they have a right to be noticed when they want to shocked younger readers, their parents, or maybe people trying to deal with issues of lust. Dealing with it by avoiding pornography in its written or pictorial forms.


I call this taking a break

I normally rant and rave over on my little X****. For some reason I found myself a bit bored over there this last month. And a bit disgusted, as juvenile illogic is supreme right now. Not that everyone is that way, but most of the brighter bulbs, have been gone a while, leaving me bored. When I find myself putting out a better blog than 90% of the place. Well something is terribly wrong. I don’t write worth a damn.

Anyway I will be writing over here to my zero readers, untill I lose that sense of disgust.

But now some the mindless rants, that I kept inside. Let me just scream Bull Shit to the void

Fake blog entries being made featured! Hell they were not even well written, nor about anything any intelligent person would be interested in. It is like being stuck inside of people magazine except, not as mentally stimulating. And yes I was spot on when I wrote about ***** putting up professionally written blogs. Processional only means someone paid you for it. It does not mean they paid you much, or that you are any good.

And if I read another made up drama. Good lord they all believe that a beautifully girl, who is 20 years old, would fall madly in love with made up web page. Oh yeah a lesbian relationship at that. But really it turns out its a 30 something year old man. There are so many holes . . . and the little leftest love socialites promoting the most mindless of drivel. Even the atheists over there have been morons of late. Not a brain cell to share between them. But of course they all have that same, ‘we are so uber smart we know there is no God’ thing going on.

Its not always been that way over there.

I should be happy that no one will read this. If I put it over there and not only will the owners of that place get mad at me. But a 1000 readers will get their feelings hurt.